The MX Player – A New Web Series That is Worth Checking Out

MX Player A New Web Series

The MxPlayer app on the iPhone and iPad has added a new feature that will be able to make your Web Series in FX stand out. With FX you want something that is going to make it easier to watch the series. You also want to make it so that you can get more out of the FX series. Or click here for mx player download for free

What Is New Here?

This is where the FX Converter comes into play, this allows you to use the FXFX Converter for FX in the MxPlayer app. The FX Converter will take any episodes from any FX series such as The Americans, FX’s The Shield, etc and put them into the form you want them in. The FXFX Converter will save you a lot of time because you only have to use the converter once and all the episodes are there ready to go.

The FX Converter can work with Internet Explorer and Safari but I wouldn’t recommend using it for Firefox. Firefox uses a very different browser than Internet Explorer. Using Firefox for the FX Converter will cause a problem with some of the FX’s scripts.

Another nice thing about the FX Converter is that it will be able to add any graphics to your FX in the MxPlayer App. If you had a lot of pictures taken and then had to send the pictures to the FX in FX then the FX Converter will be able to automatically convert the images to use in the FX in FX app.

If you had to send me one question for the FX Converter is if you could download your FX series in FX in the MxPlayer App in an MP3 format or can you convert it in the browser? That’s a question many people were asking.

Now that the FX Converter will be available in the MxPlayer App you can download the series and use it in the FX in FX App. If you find a show that you love you can download it to your iPhone and use the FX in FX App and watch your favorite FX series. The FX in FX app will be the best way to watch your favorite FXs. You can also click here to download MX Player APK for pc.

The other good news is that the FX in the FX App is free so that means you can now watch your favorite FX even if you don’t have a subscription. I know a lot of people that want to watch the FX shows on their iPods or iPhones but don’t have a subscription or don’t want to pay for the subscription.


Well now you can enjoy watching the FX in FX App for free as well as downloading your FX series to watch it on your iPhone. What’s even better is that the FX in the FX App will be able to convert your videos for the iPhone in a flash format. So you won’t have to download your series to your iPhone. Know more about it on mxplayer.


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